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For a healthy yet luxurious smoother texture.
Treat yourself to this luxurious premium hojicha latte. All the goodness of matcha green tea, less the caffeine.
Unique Roasting Process

Created using authentic Japanese green tea placed through a unique roasting process to produce a rich caramelly, subtle umami and smoky flavour.

Clean & Healthy

Not only it contains 17g of clean protein, it is also gluten free, GMO free and soy free. Furthermore, it is also vegan friendly! Our ingredient list is pure, simple and natural – helping you achieve the best possible results. There are no additives, fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners.


It is densely nutritious and luxurious in taste, with less caffeine. This delicious blend provides you with an antioxidant fix and added protein to meet your daily nutritional needs. Whether your goal is to gain lean muscle, lose weight or live a healthier life, the Hojicha would be a great choice to be part of your health and fitness journey to help you achieve your vision.

Essential Fatty Acids

It contains the finest MCT coconut cream and European quality sunflower lecithin for essential fatty acids. Amino acids are richly found in protein, and are the building blocks of muscles. It allows us to to build, repair and maintain muscle tissue. Building muscle essentially involves the process of tearing the muscle fibres through strength training, and then rebuilding them stronger and bigger. Ensuring your body receives a regular supply of protein is essential for supporting this process.