Soy Protein Isolate

We have taken great lengths to source the best proteins around the world and have finally found the best-in-class. Soy protein isolate is the core of many meal replacement shakes and drinks for many reasons. And we love it for more than its smooth texture. We want you to be a fan of soy as we are.We’re going to do a deep dive into soy so you can understand why we chose to bring the best soy protein isolate for you!

Soy Protein Isolate - Soy Matcha Latte

RM125.90 MYR

Soy Protein Isolate - Original Unflavoured

RM94.90 MYR

Soy Protein Isolate - High Fibre (Unflavoured)

RM94.90 MYR

Soy Protein Isolate - Dark Chocolate

RM94.90 MYR

Soy Protein Isolate - Vietnamese Coffee

RM94.90 MYR

Soy Protein Starter Pack - Assorted Series

RM17.75 MYR
Adding soy to your life!

Unlike some plant proteins, soy protein is contains all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot make which must be obtained from the diet. By swapping one meal a day with one filled with soy protein, like Soluxe, you can make a positive difference in your diet and in the environment. One of the easiest ways that you can start incorporating Soluxe Soy Protein Isolate as part of your meal replacement shakes into your life, at any time of the day.



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