5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Plant-Based Protein

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Plant-Based Protein

There are so many arguments on why plant-based protein is the better choice, but we have kept it simple for you to digest. Read on!


1. It’s Easy On The Stomach

Whey protein can be hard on the stomach because it is derived from milk and if your body does not have enough lactase, a digestive enzyme that breaks down lactose, it can cause discomfort. Many of us have milk allergies or intolerances, making whey protein a poor supplement choice. Whey protein can push our digestive system to its limit which causes a backlog of nutrients to be absorbed and indigestion to occur.

Your stomach is going to thank you for the switch.


2. Complete Protein, Complete You

In order for a protein to be complete, it needs to have every essential amino acid. Essential amino acids cannot be made in our bodies, therefore it’s vital we get them from our food. Many protein powders out there will boast about how they will help you get the gains and the tone that you have always wanted, but they don’t even give you all the amino acids necessary to achieve your goals. A high-quality plant-based protein with all 9 essential amino acids can solve this problem.

You’ll get all the amino acids you need, plus extra antioxidants and enzymes for a healthy body



3. Go Green With Plant Based Protein

Plant based protein consume far less water and produces only around 1/10th of the carbon emissions. They also have nothing to do with animals so you can feel happy not using them.

Drinking plant proteins is a simple way to go green in a world that seems to be heading in the opposite direction.




4. Protection Against Weight Gain With Plant Based Protein

Scientific studies have shown that consuming plant-based proteins, specifically, pea protein, will help…

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Reduce appetite

  • Help support healthy blood sugar levels in normal ranges

  • Help control your sugar cravings.

5. Health Benefits of Plant Based Protein

The additional health benefits that come from switching from your old protein to plant based protein is perhaps the biggest thing that sets plant based protein apart from others.

Just to name a few of the health benefits:

  • Reduced chance of high blood pressure

  • Promote heart health

  • Stronger immune system

  • Healthier skin

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