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Our Commitment

Many active individuals like to fuel their body with protein powders, but a good one can be hard to find. Most protein powders are full of fillers, artificial flavourings and other synthetic ingredients. At Soluxe, we like to keep things simple, which is why we make our products with just a handful of natural plant ingredients for your benefit. That's just how we think it should be.

Naturally Sourced

All our ingredients are imported from EU Organic Certified source that complies with strict agriculture standards. We are mindful of using only natural ingredients to nourish your body. Our vision is to have a completely eco-friendly packaging without compromising on the quality of our product.

Nutrition for everyone

Pea protein powder is among the most hypoallergenic of all protein powders, as it contains no gluten or dairy. This is perfect for vegans and people with lactose intolerance sensitivities.

Our customers love us!

International Yoga Instructor, Reebok Brand Ambassador
I’ve been taking Soluxe Protein for two years now as a post-workout recovery boost and sometimes as a meal replacement. I love that it is 100% natural plant protein and doesn’t cause bloating unlike most of the protein powder in the market that contains lactose and lots of sugar.
Gluten Free Microbaker
Being lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant, I bake exclusively vegan and gluten free. Soluxe™ Organic Vegan Pea Protein not only makes amazing smoothie bowls but adds a boost to my gluten free bread loaves which have proved to be popular with the community in KL who have to avoid allergens due to health reasons. I advocate supporting other small local businesses and Soluxe™ is my preferred choice because hey, #NoCow and cruelty free!
Fitness Instructor & Entrepreneur
I use the Soluxe pea protein in fruit smoothies, for baking muffins & also in energy bites. I train hard, so I need a lot of protein in my diet which I prefer to get from plant sources. Soluxe is one of the only organic vegan proteins on the market & I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my muscle tone since I started using it.
Professional Fighter. Cross Muay Thai
As a professional athlete, Soluxe is my choice of protein! Especially when I am preparing for competition. Due to my intense training, I require protein that is easy to digest and keeps me in high energy. I highly recommend Soluxe protein to help train better and push your limits.
International Arts Educator, Yogi, and Travel Enthusiast
I love how unprocessed Soluxe is compared to other protein powders. Yay that Soluxe is 100% plant based- Better for me and better for the planet! I practice yoga and trail running in the jungles around KL and find Soluxe helps me feel un-bloated, lean and well fed. So happy to have found Soluxe!
Plant-Based Lifestyle Advocate, Endurance Swimmer and Kung Fu Student
It's not easy to find vegan protein supplements in Malaysia, so I'm very grateful that a local company like Soluxe offers a plant-based protein powderIt has aided me in my training for endurance challenges, from half marathons to open water swimming. It has also held me over in between meals, when I'm rushing around for meetings and have little time to eat. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to give a plant-based boost to their lifestyle.
Philanthropist & Entrepreneur
We wanted a straightforward protein with no flavours added so that we can mix and match it into our own recipes. Soluxe gives us that flexibility. Also love that it’s a homegrown product!

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