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Soluxe starter pack now comes in two series : caffeine free and caffeinated. Unsure which one you like? Try them in smaller sachets.

Our protein are all 100% natural, non GMO, vegan friendly and Halal certified. The raw materials are imported from Belgium as we are extremely particular about the quality that we can giving you. 

We make sure that our products are very clean and free from additives that are harmful to your body. Only the best protein supplement for you and your loved ones.

Soluxe Pea Protein Starter Pack (4)

Christmas Gift Special - Limited Set

RM99.00 MYRRM155.80 MYR

Soluxe Starter Pack - Assorted Series

RM22.90 MYR

Soluxe Starter Pack - Caffeine Free Series

RM16.90 MYR

Soluxe Starter Pack - Caffeinated Series

RM25.90 MYR