Top 3 Benefits of Chicory Root

Top 3 Benefits of Chicory Root


1. Aids in Digestion

Chicory is great for your digestive health as it contains inulin, which is a powerful prebiotic. Prebiotics is a classification of bacteria that confer benefits on the host, rather than diseases. Inulin is used to combat a number of intestinal and digestive concerns, including acid reflux disease, indigestion, and heartburn because it actively reduces the acidity of the body’s systems. Thus, chicory plays a vital role in easing digestion.



2. Weight Loss

Chicory is a good source of oligofructose, and inulin itself is a form of natural dietary fiber, which helps in the management of weight by promoting weight loss. Both of these aid in the regulation of ghrelin, an amino acid primarily associated with feelings of hunger and food-seeking behavior. A 2012 report published in the Obesity Research Banner cited a study involving rats to study the impact of chicory in the entire weight loss process. It was concluded that by reducing the amount of the ghrelin, chicory can reduce the chances of overeating and promote satiety or the feeling of fullness, thus helping in weight loss.

3. Treats Constipation

Once again, inulin’s role as a natural fiber comes as a major benefit to chicory eaters! The fiber helps bulk up bowel movements and promote peristaltic motions and the secretion of gastric juices. Basically, this means that digestion as a whole is improved, and constipation too is greatly reduced. By maintaining a smooth and regulated digestive process, people can reduce the chances of a number of gastrointestinal conditions and diseases.


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