Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

First of all, why do we need to exercise? The benefits of exercise are endless. Physical activity decreases cardiovascular risk, manages stress, improves mood, eases chronic pain, and more. One of the biggest issues when it comes to regular physical activity is that it's hard for some of us to fit into our busy schedules.

We're all busy. We have jobs, families, relationships to maintain, activities, and so on. So it's understandable that fitting in workout sessions might be hard to do but it's doable! Health and fitness should be in our top priorities so hopefully, these tips will help you fit in your next workout session!

1. Keep it short and sweaty. Getting physical activity doesn't mean you have to spend hours at the gym. In fact, your workout can be as short as 4 minutes! Tabata is a high-intensity workout with exercises that last four minutes.

2. Block out your calendar. We all put in meetings and appointments in our calendar so why can't we do the same for our workout sessions? Open up your calendar and see if you have a free block during your day that you can fill in with exercise. It's easier to fit in exercise when you already have a free block in your calendar rather than trying to force it into your day.

3. The weekend. Yes, the weekend might be the time where you want to sleep in. But the weekends are a great way to up your physical activity. Get up early to work out so that you have the rest of the day to spend time with friends and family, or even to just Netflix and chill in bed :).

4. Dates at the gym. Rather than catching up with friends over cake or ice cream, why not do it at the gym? And rather than having your next date at the movies, why not sign up for salsa, circuit training, or yoga class together?

5. Keep active at home. Physical exercise doesn't always mean having to go to a workout class or to the gym. You can even make it as part of your routine! While you're brushing your teeth, why not do some squats? You could do some push-ups and jumping jacks before hopping in the shower. Or you could do some arm exercises while watching Netflix.

We hope these tips help! If fitness is your priority, then try one of these tips. You can start slow and find what works for you. Remember to also have a balanced diet so you stay healthy.

If you're increasing the intensity or frequency of your physical activities, get enough protein so you can recover better. Do check out Soluxe's plant-based protein powders — they're great if you're lactose intolerant or if you're on a plant-based diet.

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