Superfood Greens Powder

What Are the Benefits of Taking Soluxe Superfood Greens Powder?

What are Superfood Greens powder?

Superfood greens powder is a supplement that’s been tackling an age-old battle: getting people to eat their greens also known as vegetable substitute drink.

We know the importance of eating enough fruits and veggies, but it can be a daily struggle. Fortunately, super greens can be a convenient way to reap the benefits of greens in a pinch. 

Super greens are a variety of dietary supplement. This supplement label says it's composed of different types of greens, depending on the brand you buy. These greens have usually been dried or dehydrated and ground into powder. Soluxe Superfood Greens are unique because it is a dense with chlorophyll and nutrients from ancient greens grown in a USDA certified farm. This means that it is more dense nutrient and highly concentrated form of chlorophyll (Just one serving is equal to 1/2 cup of spinach!).

Regardless of its content, super greens powder isn’t a substitute for real fruits and vegetables. Still, it can act as a type of nutritional insurance in your diet. Even if you don’t take it every day, it can be convenient to have on hand if you find yourself running a bit short on vitamins

vegetable substitute drink

What are super greens made of? 

The composition of Soluxe Superfood Greens are:

Alfalfa Juice

Alfalfa grass juice packs an extremely impressive nutritional punch. People also take it for its high content of antioxidants, vitamins C and K, copper, folate, and magnesium.

Kamut Wheatgrass Juice

Kamut is a superior non-GMO, non-crossbred, nutrient-dense heirloom-seed Egyptian wheatgrass.

Oatgrass Juice

Oat Grass is extremely rich in antioxidants, including one particularly powerful one called tricin. This flavone compound exerts smooth muscle relaxing properties, making it beneficial for gastrointestinal cramping.

Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass contains enzymes that help your body to break down food and absorb nutrients, which may aid in good digestion. Drinking wheatgrass juice may also help to detoxify your system, leading to reduced bloating, gas, and stomach upset.

Barleygrass Juice

Barley grass is a common ingredient often featured in juices, supplements, and greens powders. It's rich in several nutrients and may promote weight loss, enhance heart health, and support better blood sugar control

17-type Plant-sourced Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes enable food to be broken down into nutrients in our bodies for absorption in order to produce energy, repair and maintain our physical structure and function. The natural production of enzyme in our body may deteriorate during the aging process. Insufficient of enzyme can result in digestive disorders. Supplementing the body’s natural enzyme production with a digestive enzyme blend helps to gain the full nutritional benefits of healthy digestion. 

The key benefits are:

  • Enable better breakdown of foods into nutrients for absorption
  • Support effective digestion of carbs, proteins & fats ranging from legumes, milk, soy, cereal grains to meat for body functions
  • Neutralize stomach acid & address the causes for digestive discomfort

Soluxe Organic Superfood Greens

Our Superfood Greens blend is organically grown, harvested and delicately processed to ensure that every sip is packed with the nutritional punch you need.

Get the vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes of superfoods through our unique formula to boost your body's optimum performance. Complemented by a high antioxidant chlorophyll content. It's the perfect organic alkalizer and blood cleanser for complete wellness.

Get your Soluxe Superfood Green HERE

Serving Suggestion

Take one to two servings daily. Mix, shake or blend on serving with 250ml of water (room temp or cold) or your favourite beverage. Stir well and drink within the same day. Best consumed in the morning before meal and/or before bedtime.


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About Soluxe

We are a premium all-natural plant supplement designed to enhance your health and performance. Our products include pea protein, soy protein, organic whole foods and green supplements that will boost gut health. Our ingredient list is pure, simple and natural - helping you achieve the best possible results. There are no additives, fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners. We are dedicated to serving the people of Malaysia and Singapore by providing healthier food alternatives.
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