What is High Protein? Know Your Labels!

What is High Protein? Know Your Labels!

It can be confusing! So, we are here to share with you how to read the nutrition label and make a better-informed purchase. Because sometimes, claims on packaging can be misleading by irresponsible brands.

For example, some brands claim 20g of protein as "High Protein" on their packaging, but when you read the back - the serving size is 45g! - So what are you consuming in that remaining 25g? 

So here are some tips to stay alert when claims are made:

1. Check the serving size! We provide 21g of protein for every scoop (of 25g serving) which makes our protein content at 84%!

2. Always read what other ingredients that are added which is not shown in the nutrition fact table. For example, on our products - it's just pure pea protein. No additives, no fillers, no flavouring, no gums, no-nonsense your body needs!

In Summary

Be aware of what you are paying for - is it protein? Or mostly flavouring, carbohydrates or fat? It is important that you are aware of what you are consuming that are especially tasty but may not be so good for your body. At Soluxe, we like to keep it clean and simple - literally!

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