Your Questions, Answered.

Your Questions, Answered.

We get asked a lot of questions regarding our products and thought it'd be useful to create a blog post answering all those questions! This also makes it easy for you to explain what Soluxe is to your friend ;) So let's dive right in!


1. What is pea protein?

Pea protein is exactly what it sounds like — it's protein made from peas. It’s produced by grinding the peas into a powder and then removing the starch and fibre to leave a highly concentrated pea protein isolate. We also chose pea protein because it is among the most hypoallergenic of all protein powder — meaning it does not contain gluten, soy or dairy.


2. What ingredients do you use?

All our ingredients are 100% clean and are naturally sourced. Our pea protein comes from a European supplier who delivers the best quality in the market. We also partner with artisanal brands to bring the best flavours, such as our Niko Neko Premium Matcha powder.

All of our protein powders contain under 100 calories per scoop, up to 21g of protein per scoop, and under 8g of total carbohydrates per scoop.


3. Which product should I consume for pre and post-workout?

We understand the struggle that comes with choosing the right protein powder. We're here to solve your problem!
For pre-workouts, we recommend our caffeinated powders to give you that extra boost. We have two products that contain caffeine, the 1) Coffee & Cacao and the 2) Premium Matcha.
For post-workouts, we recommend the Original Unflavoured Pea Protein Isolate as it contains up to 21g of protein and will help in muscle building and recovery.


4. Is it safe for children and nursing mothers?

Our protein powders are safe for everyone due to the clean ingredients used. However, we do not recommend our caffeinated protein powders to children and nursing mothers.


5. Can I consume your protein powders even when I'm not working out?

Yes, you can! Our products are not just for athletes and gym-goers. They're great for individuals who need that extra energy throughout the day, who want to up their protein intake, and for those who are always on the go and may not have time to consume meals.


6. How else can I consume your protein powders?

We get it. Sometimes we want to be a bit creative. A lot of our customers have used our protein powders in other forms such as brownies, oatmeals, and even mushroom soup! Check out our Instagram page to see recipes you can try out!


7. Your protein powder tastes a bit bitter, how can I change this?

We only use clean ingredients and do not add artificial ingredients at all. Due to this, the taste of the proteins might be a bit too strong for some people. We love mixing our protein drinks with almond milk or even adding honey in it to reduce the strong taste!


8. I'm new to Soluxe, where should I start?

First of all, welcome to the Soluxe family! We're super excited to be on this health journey with you. To start with, we recommend the starter pack. It's a pack that contains three convenient variants 25g sachet.


That's all the answers we have! Comment below if you have any other questions that we haven't covered.

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