Rich in Complete Protein

Soluxe Black Sesame Soy Protein is carefully crafted to provide a complete amino acid profile, ensuring you get all the essential building blocks for muscle repair, growth, and overall health.

Unleash the Power of Black Sesame Seeds

We've harnessed the nutritional powerhouse of black sesame seeds to deliver a protein isolate that is not only packed with protein but also offers the added benefits of antioxidants, healthy fats, and essential minerals.

Black sesame seeds are also loaded with essential nutrients like magnesium and phosphorus, which help in balancing the high blood pressure levels. These little seeds may further help in reducing the risk of strokes, heart attacks and lower the chances of Hypertension.

  • 100% Vegan and Plant-Based

    Our soy protein isolate is sourced from non-GMO soybeans, ensuring a cruelty-free, sustainable, and environmentally friendly choice.

  • Rich in Essential Amino Acids

    Contains a complete amino acid profile, including all nine essential amino acids, to support muscle growth and repair.

  • Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

    Ideal for those with dietary restrictions, our soy protein is both gluten-free and dairy-free, making it suitable for a wide range of lifestyles.

  • Easy to Mix

    Our soy protein isolate dissolves effortlessly in water or your favorite plant-based milk, allowing you to create smooth, tasty protein shakes or smoothies.

  • Versatile Use

    Add our soy protein isolate to your favorite recipes, like pancakes, cookies, or energy bars, for a delicious protein boost.

  • Rich In Micronutrients

    Soy protein is rich in phosphorus, manganese, copper, and contains 25% of the recommended daily intake of iron

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