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Soluxe Ramadan Bundle Suhoor Set

Soluxe Ramadan Bundle Suhoor Set

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    This Ramadan Bundle Suhoor Set is designed to help you ease and be full for longer into your fasting period during the month of Ramadan. You will get the following:

    1 pack of 500g protein* (Protein source!) 
    1 pack of rolled oats (Fibre!)
    ✅ 1 pack of chia seeds (Fibre!)


    20 sachets of 25g soy protein* (Protein source!) 
    1 pack of rolled oats (Fibre!)
    ✅ 1 pack of chia seeds (Fibre!)

    *All price range are same except for Matcha flavor

    Disclaimer: No mixing and matching of sachets flavors. They are only sold as displayed in the cover photo.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Pea protein fibre is the best for hypothyroid

    I need to stay away from soy and have been depending on this product every time Ramadhan comes. Its all i take for sahur. It gives sustenance until evening. Wish they restock the hugh packet. Had to but these lil packets. Green superfood is good too. I feel less thirsty throughout the day while fasting.


    small package can bring to anywhere easily . TQ

    Best Buy!

    Caught it at a great promo price. I make overnight oats with it for breakfast everyday! Love all of Soluxe stuff!